Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I go to Ghana next month

This morning I woke up and realised that I am actually going to Ghana next month - this is very exciting but has also made me a little bit scared! I have spent the morning looking through the pictures and blogs of other people who went this year - it is all pretty much what I expected, although I was less happy to hear that they wake up at 4am every day!!!

I have had another injection this week so am feeling a bit headachy but at least I now only have 2 to go! I need to look in to money and exchange rates and sort out the final things on the list so that I am not running around crazily in the last couple of days. My new guidebooks have already come in very useful - I am to expect approximtely 30 marriage proposals when I am away and must develop a stragety for rejection!!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Injections galore!

Having had a week free of preparations and injections I have now started to worry about the Yellow fever injection that I will have tomorrow. The worry is mainly based on the fact that every time I tell people that I am going for the injection they pull a worried face which suggests that they think I am going to be infected with this tropical disease rather than immunised against it!!

On the plus side, I did buy a lightweight holdall on wheels and a lovely travel bag - exciting times!! I also managed to find a pair of shoes in the clarks sale that do not look like they belong to someone who is middle aged, so will be able to spend my time in comfort!!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Malaria, Injections and other animals

This week has been filled with making as many arrangements as possible. I have been to the doctor and discussed the benefits of certain Malaria tablets - all of them have interesting side effects including psychotic episodes!! Have finally decided to go with the cheapest with side effects of photosensitivity - as I burn when I think of the sun felt that this would impact on me the least!

Flights are all booked and final payments have been made. Next step is fundraising and looking for sponsorship from as many lovely people as I can think of!